The Complete Microwave Cooking Recipes for the Busy Papa

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Learn to make over 50 delicious Japanese recipes cooked in the microwave! the recipes are alleasy, simple and quick thanks to the most efficient equipment in the kitchen that is often overlooked.Everyone is invited to take part in this course. Most of the recipes are Japanese-inspired recipes and Japanese dish recipes which has been simplified so its possible to be cooked in the microwave. Among the many other things that youll pick up from this course are how to cook rice in the microwave, healthy recipes for tofu and fish, traditional Japanese food cooked in the microwave such as saba no misoni, buri daikon, oyakodon, gyudon, and many more. All the recipes were tested and tried so you dont need to be worried as long as you follow the suggested cooking time.Aside from the fact that whencooking in the microwave itonly takes a few minutes to cook food,The microwave has many moreadvantages that is often overlooked. These includes:You don't need oil when cooking in the microwave because you don't fry or saute food in the microwaveNo heavy and greasy pans to clean after meals.More time in the dining table rather than in the kitchenYou'll be encouraged to use the healthierparts of meat when cooking in the microwave as these parts are easier to cook.Many of us would limit the use of microwave only to defrosting and heating frozen or leftover food. I think the microwave has been neglected for a very long time. Now that we are busier than ever, I think its time to use the microwave more.I completely understand if you have doubts with the power of microwave because I too have experienced several errors when using the microwave which includes, burnt, undercooked, overcooked, hard, unevenly cooked food. But I have learned many things and with trial and error I became a better home chef and microwave has been my trusted tool whenever Ineed to cookmeals but do not have the luxury of time to prepare.With this course you will learn many tips and tricks in order to cook food using the microwave successfully in the kitchen. In each lecture, I have provided the recommended microwave cooking time for every dish so you can be more confident using the microwave and not worry about whether your food will be cooked well or not.Enjoy the course and have fun in the kitchen!


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