Winter Warm Thermal Touch Screen Gloves Ski Snow Snowboard Cycling WaterproofTouchscreen

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Specification:Product name: Winter Warm Thermal Gloves Ski Snow Snowboard Cycling Touchscreen Waterproof Winter GlovesMaterial: Polyester, elastic fabric, waterproof coating, fleeceWeight: approx.100gColor: Black/Gray/Blue(optional)Size: M/L/XL/XL(optional)Suitable Temp.: -10℃Feature: ThermalTouch screenDampingNon-slipWaterproofWindproofSuitable for: RunningSkiMountaineeringOutdoor activitiesFeature:Made from high quality Polyester material and elastic fabric, which is not only durable but also stable.Overall multi-layers fabric, super waterproof and windproof, meanwhile it effectively keeps it warm even in the cold winter.Be covered with windproof and waterproof material, therefore it has a powerful windproof and waterproof function on its surface.What is more, it is able to work normally and keep your hands warm and dry even it is covered by dirty water and earth.Inner section is filled with thickened warm velvet, which can keep your hand warm in the cold winter.Equipped with reflective design, safer at night because of its attractive warning.Finger touchscreen, sensitive touch, you can touch your phone even in the cold winter with our gloves.Package included:1 X Pair of Winter Gloves


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