Katla Balla Pine Honey 18 pieces

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Product description: Katla Balla Pine Honey is produced with pine extracts grown of the highest hills on Anatolia. It can be used as alternative natural sweetener. Katla Balla Pine Honey is for single use and contens %100 natural honey. It is portable and can use it all time you wish. Example; home, work, school, holiday, trip etc. Katla Balla Pine Honey is ideal for those who want to feed with natural and practical. Made in Turkey. Package style: The package contains as 18 pieces of Katla Balla Pine Honey. Storage conditions: The honey can be best stored at temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees. So it would be ideal to have a constant temperature of 10-20 degrees. Warning: Feeding with honey that babies between the ages of 0-1 can create dangerous results. This is a natural product. It’s not a medicine. If you are allergic to honey or bees and also if you have chronic discomfort, please consult a physician before use it.  


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